Novo Health Companion App

We are redefining the way you interact with your HMO!
With our Novo Companion App Mobile App, you now have access to an array of features that brings us closer to you.

Key Features:

Eligibility & Accessibility
* Determine quickly, if you are eligible to access healthcare or not ahead of a Hospital Visit
* See what benefits are covered on your plan as well as the limits
* One-click option to call our Customer Care or send us an E-mail. No need to remember any of our contact information anymore
* View your subscription details
* Plan a visit with a provider (Book an appointment with a provider)
* Request to have your provider changed

Concierge Pharmacy
* Request for your drugs and have them delivered to your office in no time

Novo Health Africa News
* Realtime notification of what’s happening around Health Insurance Organization and important information that requires your attention

Chat with a Doctor
* Have a real-time chat with Novo Health Africa Doctors every day and get real-time answers to pressing questions

Providers Locations
* View our Providers around you in real-time and find hospitals closest to you with their addresses on google map
* Get directions to the provider around you and in the world

Digital ID Card
* Present your digital ID card (e-ID) which you can present at the Hospital in place of your physical card

NHA Retail Plans
* Browse through our retail plans and give a gift of health benefit to your love ones that don’t have health insurance cover
* Pay within the application and have your subscription sent to you instantly with no hassle

Provider Accountability
* Report Incident at a Hospital location if you experience a poor quality of service or a bad encounter
* Rate Hospital based on your experience to help us determine which providers are performing as expected and which ones to sanction/blacklist
* Take part in a Surveys and let us know how to serve you better

Health & Wellness
* BMI calculator will quickly give you some vital information about your weight
* Medication reminder helps you to remember when to take your drugs
* Receive health tips and information pertinent to your well being
* Read Novo Health Africa Premium Newsletters for free and bookmark those you love for future reference
* View your utilization history and have a rough idea about how often you visit the hospital

Provider Access
* Check if you are allowed to visit a particular provider in order to avoid the stress of being turned back at the hospital
* Know your primary provider
Designed For You
Buy Retail Plans and View Medical History
Change provider, Book Appointment, Realtime Complain response, Drug Request etc
Seamless Interactions

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