Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (T-SHIP)

The tertiary Istitutions Social Health Insurance Programme is a social security system whereby the health care of the students in the tertiary institutions is paid for from funds pooled through the contributions of students.

It is a programme committed to ensuring access to qualitative service for students of tertiary istitutions thereby promoting the health of students with a view to creating conducive learning environment. Tertiary institution are categorized as Universities, College of eduction, Polytechnics, and other Specialized College, etc.


The Benefits Packages is drawn to meet basic needs of students

• Outpatient care including consumables, prescribed drugs (as contained in the NHIS Drug List)

• Hospital care (up to maximum of 15 days annually.

• Diagnostic tests (according to diagnostic list).

• Consultation with range of specialists such as physicians, surgeons, ophthalmologists, etc.

• Hospital care (up to maximum of 15 days annually.

• Eye and Dental care.

• Emergency care for accident cases.

• Healthn relevant health issues including drug additions, smoking, sexually transmitted disease and counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS


• Improved health care to the students.

• Creation of a more conducive learning environment with less worries inthe event one falls sick.

• A source funding for the institutions health facilities frees up funds for other priorities such as reseach.

• Additional services can be provided at the request of the tertiary institutions to address any additional identity needs at an additional cost.

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