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Novo Health Africa is a National Health Maintenance Organization providing health care across Nigeria and accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) with the objective to provide health care delivery solutions through the continuum of care.

Providing Quality Health Service
Committed to creating value through, excellent coordination and efficient delivery of health care services, better client experience during hospital visits, enhanced client engagement in their own health care, reduction in medical errors, and improved clinical outcomes.

What we do
Our services result in creating value through excellent coordination, efficient delivery of healthcare services, seamless patient experience, enhanced client engagements and quality assurance reviews with the aim of improving patient outcomes.

Get a Health Insurance Plan for 25,200 Naira per year!

Novo Health Africa Plans


Our Corporate Plans are tailor made for corporate organisations in all industries.
We offer a bespoke product - Health Shield that caters to the unique health needs of individuals working in either multinationals, SMEs or start-up companies.
These plans have a wide area of coverage takes every area of a patients needs into consideration.

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No one is left out! For those in the informal sector, that are not in employment of corporate organisations, we have an array of retail insurance plans with extensive health coverages at a token.
This plan caters to students, small business owners, domestic staffs, extended family members, etc.

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Novo Health Africa is in partnership with international World Class Facilities to provide access to healthcare for patients whose illnesses cannot be managed locally. This also gives patients the option of choosing to access healthcare internationally.

Based on this partnership, previously excluded complex illnesses are now made available to members on our plan with zero financial limit.

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This is the first of its kind product in the HMO industry where people living in diaspora can purchase health insurance plans for members of their family and loved ones living in Nigeria with the assurance that they will have access to world class health care.
LOAFTM is built around an innovative eco-system that supports partnerships and pulls the resourcefulness of different players in the health care value chain. It leverages healthcare opportunities in Africa for a sustainable and economic viable health system.
It identifies the key issues in financing healthcare in Africa with the objective of providing solutions and building capacity for other interdependencies for a sustainable and evolving health industry in Africa.

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Our Services


Creating avenues for partnership in health is essential and we believe that preservation of health is a collective effort. Hence, we participate in grass root health programs and sensitization exercise to enlighten communities and promote well-being. At Novo Health Africa, we create awareness and provide affordable subsidized health insurance to the underserved population in Nigeria. We render services in various pro poor community slums across the country by creating and organizing grass root primary health care initiatives.

creating and organizing grass root primary health care initiatives. In our bid to strengthen Nigeria's health system for social and economic development, we are working closely with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equity and the Empowerment of Women to develop and provide sustainable health programmes and services that would be beneficial to rural women. This project would help us achieve the goal of a universal health coverage where hundreds of millions of people who are currently denied life-saving health services or are plunged into poverty because they are forced to pay unaffordable fees for their care would be insured.


Novo Health Africa Ltd, accredited by NHIA, works to ensure that objectives of NHIA are met - that every Nigerian in the formal sector, informal sector and the vulnerable group have access to adequate and affordable health services. We partner with approved Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare facilities to provide healthcare services to enrollees under the National Health Insurance Authority.

With the Formal Sector Health Insurance Programme, employees in the public sector, organized private sector, armed forces, police and other uniformed services have access to health services paid for from funds obtained through contributions of employees and employers. Through the Informal Sector Health Insurance Programme, we offer Health Insurance to employees of companies with 10 or less people, artisans and voluntary participants under Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme (CBSHIP) or Voluntary Contributors Social Health Insurance Programme (VCSHIP). The Vulnerable Group Social Health Insurance Programme is targeted towards the physically challenged persons, prison inmate, children under five, refugees and pregnant women.


Should everyone have Health Insurance ? -Yes! Everyone should have Healthcare

Health Shield is designed to cover employees in organized private sector. The product is packaged into six levels of health plans, all covering 3 tiers of care Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care.

  • Corporate Health Plan

Welcome to our Health Shield! Summary description:

Services in the benefit package include curative, promotive, preventive, diagnostic and medical rehabilitative medical services. All medical treatment are covered within our diverse network of partnering health care facilities.

Platino Shield: offers both local and international coverage on two platforms (Platino shield and Platino Global). Novo Health Africa has international affiliates with global reach to provide medical services.

Rojo Shield: comprehensive plan with robust benefits, accessed within local area of cover.

Azul shield: is our middle level plan which covers for comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care.

Verde Shield: This is the second level plan with both primary and secondary care benefits. It is designed to meet specific needs of employees with average staff strength.

Enterprise shield: A basic level, start –up plan specifically designed for factories, industries, manufacturing workers and other large population groups.
Other services available to Health Shield are:

International travel Medical Insurance
Elective Evacuation
Emergency Evacuation
Life and Permanent disability Benefit


Providing services aimed at improving health care administration and health infrastructural development. We also identify opportunities to increase efficiency and recommend processes, best practices and technology to achieve optimum results.

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More about us

Commit to creating value through, excellent coordination and efficient delivery of health care services, better client experience during hospital visits, enhanced client engagement in their own health care, reduction in medical errors, and improved clinical outcomes.

Is towards the “advancement of individual, family and community health for social development and economic growth in the African region

To develop, provide and manage sustainable health care programs, services and support systems through a dedicated team of professionals ensuring quality and outstanding client servicing.

Our Core Values

Client testimonials

"Seasons Greetings to you and Novo Health Services. I personally enjoy your services. Keep up the good work. Thank you and God Bless."


Fidelity Bank

"I sincerely appreciate the exceptional services received from Novo Health Africa. This service I have not received with my former HMO and I do not take it for granted as its relates to quick response during ill health situation. Be rest assured that I am now an ambassador of Novo Health Africa because I use any opportunity to cross sell Novo Health African among my colleagues and beyond. Thank you for your services"


Union Bank

"Novo health is a unique HMO. From their well organised staff that attended to me and prompt service rendered especially when my son had to undergo urgent tonsillectomy which was life threatening including other services I enjoyed, I really do appreciate. Thank you so much Novo Health!! , Compliments of the season!!!"


Union Bank

"On behalf of my family I want to say a big thank to Novo health African for their quality service delivery. I personally want to use this medium to commend the effort of the good Novo ambassador a person of Mohammad Garba For the calls and visitation in the branches to know if there were any challenges regards to their service delivery and prompt answering of calls. His efforts is highly appreciated and commendable. I recommend him for double promotion by the management of Novo health African as a matter of urgency. Furthermore, I say thank you and God bless."


Fidelity Outsourced

"I really appreciate the services of novo health services particularly when it comes to the issue of activation of policy numbers. Also, even the hospital I choose are not given me any problem unlike my previous health providers in AXA MNSARD, which is a very useless Health Providers.Really appreciate you guys and I thank you very much"


Fidelity Outsourced

"I have been wowed by Novo HMO services. The customer service team are top notch at any point I call for their services. I have never been disappointed. Our health and wellness is their top priority. I must comment that Novo is best HMO so far because I have been in other HMOs, cheers to a greater height."


Union Bank

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